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Hi there. We're the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association, and this is our little space on Tumblr. It's so nice to meet you.

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    Knicks' Jeremy Lin holds mirror up to America →

    Of all the drives, dunks and dazzling shots Jeremy Lin is forcing upon the stars of the NBA, none of it compares with the moves he’s putting on a larger collection of everyday people.

    Jeremy Lin has dribbled America into the previously quiet corner of its casual prejudice and lazy stereotypes of Asian Americans.

    "In this country, Asian Americans are stereotyped as the meek and the mild, the ones who will always take the racism," said Daryl Maeda, an associate professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado who specializes in Asian American studies. ”There is a perception that it’s OK to offend Asian Americans because they simply won’t fight back.”

    — 2 years ago
    #asian americans  #jeremy lin  #racially insensitive  #harvard